A foody blog, started ‘cos someone told me to

3 12 2009

Hello blog readers.

So, my friend Gary and I were chatting about the fact that I use my facebook status to talk a lot about food, and suggested I start a blog.

I liked this idea so I took him up on it.

I tend to cook a lot for myself, but I love cooking for other people.  I also tend to listen to a lot of music while I’m cooking, so I’ll use this blog to tell you about what I’m up to and what I’m listening to while I’m doing it.  If i’m cooking for other people, I’ll tell you who’s here and wether they liked it or not.  Names and places might be changed to protect the innocent.

If you like it, Thanks….. If you dont like it, it’s Gary’s fault, blame him.

Cheers for now, see you in blog world.





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