Haven’t done much cooking this weekend….

6 12 2009

….. But plenty of eating, and music.

My mates Clint and JR had a gig on Friday.  Great fun.  LOUD as a loud thing, but good time Rock’n’Roll.  A few people from work were there.  Chatted to Scott for a while, he’s new, but seems like a good bloke.  Liz was trashed, but Bob rescued here and took her home.

Cooked some Bacon sandwiches yesterday lunchtime.  Hardly the epitome of culinary adventurousness, but sometimes only a Bacon sarnie will do.

Kieron, Stan and I went to a club in the evening, and thought it would be a good idea to eat there.  WRONG!!!!!! but we stayed anyway, had a few too many drinks and danced at some girls.  For some reason they did’nt jump on us.  Cant think why??

I was amazingly un-hungover this morning when I got, so went for a quick walk to take advantage of the pleasant weather.  Turns out I only went as far as Kierons house, as he text me to say he was cooking a hangover fry up for lunch.  Brill. After much loafing around on his sofa feeling somewhat full, I decided to go back to my place to bed for an hour or two.

Woke up again this afternoon.  Sat on my sofa.  Keiron came round an brought his album (he a great Jazz pianist and recently finished recording an album). we ordered a curry each.  Chicken Dupiaza (extra chilli – its gots to be hot!).  Watched a few movies, mostly rubbish ones.

My house stinks now 😉

A good weekend!




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