Things about me!


This is a monster portion of Ribs I had in Bunde, germany while building a small TV studio

I’m Jim, and I live in a sleepy little enclave of London called Kingston-Upon-Thames.

I do ‘fixing things’ for a living, but I mostly enjoy cooking, and eating what I’ve cooked.  I like to cook for myself, but I LOVE to cook for other people.

BBQ’s are my favourite, but I’m equally happy in front of a hob and oven.

I also like music.  I’m clever kinda guy, so I can often combine the two and listen to music WHILE I’m cooking.  Oh Yeah.  I am a smart cookie (food reference there, “cookie”, dont know if you noticed it)

Sign up to this blog if you’d like to know what I’m cooking, and for whom I’m cooking.  I might even tell you which tunes I was listening to.

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff.


[if any of you know where that “Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff” line comes from, then I’ll cook you meal 😉 ]


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